Sunday, June 2, 2013


Just a little something about how I feel about “growing up”.
GROW UP! We have all heard it... In whatever shape or form it came, all of us have heard it. But why should we be in such a hurry to “grow up”? What is so great about it? For a while I have been thinking about this because I’m in that strange transition into “adulthood”. I have an issue with this, and that issue is with the mind set that comes along with growing up... I just don’t like it. Its not anything having to do with being mature, or taking responsibility for yourself, or doing what needs to be done to be successful, those are things that should be done.
WHAT does bug me is that as we grow up we tend to put LIMITS on things... why? Because when we were younger we had people constantly telling us things are "impossible", or “you can’t do that”, “stop that”,or people telling us what we should be doing, etc. We took those words from those people and started creating mental limitations, barriers, and what we think is “right” and “wrong”.  
As a kid, I remember the VASTS amount of creativity and open mind I had. I thought that anything was possible. Things like being the president, flying, going outer space, jumping into a HUGE body of water even though I didn’t know how to swim, having super powers, being the best artist in the world, having huge amounts of money at my disposal, achieving the most outrageous goals, it was all possible to me. When we are younger we take chances, RISKS, we have FAITH and BELIEVE in ourselves, and our abilities because we have very little mental limitations, and we do not have a definition for the "impossible". When we are children there is no such thing, it is ALL POSSIBLE. 
This is what I see is different in a lot of “adults” today, they don’t take any risks and they loss a sense of faith. I can relate to this. I have seen myself little by little losing faith in my skills and not take as many risks as I used to when I was younger. I think about how I am now, and I just see how scared I am to go outside the box, try new things, go new places, almost EVERYTHING, its all from what I was told when I was younger. I have continuously heard (even as hilarious or stupid as it may sounds) “If you go here you’re going to get shot”, “if you go there you're going to die”, “you can’t do that it will set you back”, “thats too risky”, “that won’t work”, “thats not right”, caught my drift. I took all those words to heart, and I look at myself now, and I see that... I’M SCARED. This is something that I’ve been trying to fix over the years, but its a lot harder to get over than you may think. All of those years growing up and conditioning our minds that there is a LIMIT; its hard to break those mental barriers and limitations. Regardless, I know I can do it, and WILL do it, there is no reason to be scared to take risks and have faith that I am able to achieve the "impossible". Its all a mind set. I feel like If I were able to keep an open mind like when I was younger, I wouldn't have as many of these fears, and I would be a lot better off in trying things that are outside the box.
Why am I talking about this? The main issue I have with this is that through all those years of creating mental limitations when we are younger STOPS most people from believing that things that are actually possible to really be “impossible”. Most people like to feel safe and secure, doing what they have to do JUST to have security; therefore they don't take risks, they do the minimum, or they stop what they love to do just because others have told them that what they love to do, or what they plan to do will not land them a "secure" job, or “secure” livelihood. That is all fine and dandy, but I’d rather take chances, have faith in my abilities and risk toward things/ goals that I love, rather than listen to someone else telling me what I should do with my life, because I know I have the DESIRE, the MIND SET, and the SKILL to be successful. I want to take those risks to get toward the goals I most want.
Why have a plan “B” when you can make plan “A” work for you? If you have a plan “B”, to me that means that you are already doubting your success in plan “A”. Take whichever path takes you to your goal, even if the plan/ path you originally had in mind doesn’t appear, there are other ways to get to your goal. Don’t just drop your dreams to be “secure”. Be creative, have faith, and dream BIG!
“The creative adult is the child who has survived.”
Those are my thoughts.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

What is Success? (First blog post, LETS GET DEEP!)

What is success?

This topic comes to mind because I want to be successful. But what does that mean when someone says "I want to be successful"? There's a lot of different opinions on what success is. Success to me, success is subjective, the reason I think it's subjective is because it really depends on the person. Success depends on what your goals are, where your mind is, what you find is comfortable, basically what you're trying to achieve in your life, and that is different for every person.  Personally, I like to think big, I like to dream, but there are always those people that are saying: think small, "BE REALISTIC", take it slow, have small goals, don’t worry about your business, school first, stay in school it will help you be successful because you will get a good job; for me I don't think that is the way I should be thinking. School is great, but why should I let a piece of paper tell me what I'm worth, what do you think? Although I do have to say that right at this moment school is getting me to where I want to be, so as long as it is doing that for me school is the plan. Although, sometimes I get discouraged, and begin to think  that I should be doing those things and thinking I should be "REALISTIC", but I know that's its just other people's words ringing in my ears. Now don't get me wrong, there's more than one right way to do things, school is great, I get to meet new people, I get contacts, and I'm surrounded by people who do what I do. But lets be honest here... At school... I am also wasting valuable time learning things that I have no interest in nor will I be able to recall them after the run of the course, instead of using that time to perfect my craft and get better at what I love, Art. And no I'm not complaining about math or english classes, because I am very good in both, how do you guys feel about this, or am I just the only one who feels this way? There will be more of my school and "educated people" rant in ANOTHER blog post.  I just personally think that way is not the path for me... I do not plan to work to bring someone else's dream to fruition, I plan to be my own boss and bring my own dream to life, and for that I don't need a piece of paper to tell me what I'm worth.

I'm NOT trying to say don't listen to what your parents say or what the people around you say, I'm saying LISTEN, but you must filter. What do I mean by filter, I mean take the useful information a knowledgeable person on the topic of your choice gives to you, and use it the way you want to, not the way they told you you should use it. This is one thing that I've had to think about for some time, look at the person who is giving you this information. Who are they, can you trust them, where are they in their career, how much do they know on this topic, these are things you have to ask yourself when you are filtering. If that person is successful in the way you want to be successful, that is a red flag that you should listen to them and take notes, if not, STILL LISTEN, because you can always learn, but remember, filter and use what you can to your advantage. If their information and guidance is in the same direction as you plan on going then YES, I would definitely take their advice and use that information as they advised. I would encourage you to keep talking to that person because they might have a great deal of knowledge on something you are interested in.

For those who are reading this right now are probably wondering, what could a 19yr old possibly know that his parents and the older people around him don't? To be quite honest, its nothing more than my own personal experience, and what I FEEL is right, my gut feeling of what I need to do. I personally believe it is better to learn the "hard way"; reason being, you will actually LEARN your lesson rather than someone telling you something is "right" or "wrong", because you never know for sure until you personally experience it, this is just my opinion. I do receive a lot of discrepancy about me thinking this way in that I "never learn" or I "never will learn", but I disagree. Why would I take their word over mine? Yes, I know they may have the best intentions for me, and I highly appreciate that those who give me that knowledge, it gives me guidance, and based on what I get from that knowledge I like to find my own way rather than blindly follow what I've been told ,and follow someone else's way, I want to find MY WAY. Does anyone agree with me on this? Even though they may have more life experience, in terms of how long they have been alive and all the different experiences they have had, I know everybody has something to bring to the table, no matter how old or how young they are. I’ve read a story about a child, maybe between the years of 5-7 that came up with a logical solution to a problem several adults could not figure out. There was an incident under a bridge where this large truck got stuck underneath the bridge. For hours, policemen, firemen, among other adults were called to the scene to figure out how to get this truck out from under the bridge, and none of them could figure out a way. Then a child walks across the scene and comes up to them says, "why don't you just deflate the tires"? This young child brought to the situation a new way of thinking, which solved a problem that these adults could not figure out. Does this mean the child was smarter than all those adults, was the child more wise than them in this situation? To me this just goes to show that no matter who you are, how young you are, or what ever age you are, you bring something to table, and I want to bring something new to the table, not something that was swallowed and regurgitated.  

There's no "right" or "wrong" there's just the way in which you choose to go about something. Don't throw your way of thinking away just to do what others say is "right", do what you feel is right, and what is right based on your personal experience. If what you find you thought was "right" was "wrong", then indeed fix it. That is how we learn, or rather how I learn.   Determination, hard work, and belief in your idea will bring you personal success, keep doing what you love and prosper, and the money will follow you.

Again, mind you, all the things stated here are based on how I see the world around me. I would love to hear your input on this topic/discussion! feel free to add your thoughts and observations!


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